Beautiful Ljubljana

Stunningly beautiful: that is how we found Ljubljana, Slovenia, on our trip there in May ’05. Every building was eye candy, tinted in lovely pastels, embellished with contrasting adornments.

A statue of Joze Plecnik, the Slovenian architect who masterminded this delightful city, stood in the main square, a naked woman on his shoulders. A friendly tourist office was nearby, and daylight hours offered a tram that spiraled its way to the hilltop where the ancient castle steadfastly was standing guard.

A paddlewheel boat was taking visitors on a guided tour featuring the stonework marketplace building (open every day), finishing with complimentary champagne to toast this beautiful city (tour price in 2007, €7.50, or near $10).

Old Town was lit at twilight, further enhancing the effect of the weeping willows trailing into the river that wound its way from the Triple Bridge to the Dragon Bridge.

Cafés, with their outdoor tables, lined the streets. People gathered near the bandstand and listened to the music that accompanied their evening stroll. Lighted displays tempted window-shoppers to enjoy the local fashions or marvel at the handiwork of Slovenian artisans.

Think Paris in miniature.


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