Guide in Cameroon

I wish to recommend an excellent French- and English-speaking guide in Cameroon: Titang George Ndong (National Tour Guide, P.O. Box 19 Saa., Centre Province, Republic of Cameroon; e-mail

I met George through my land operator, Cameroon Tours & Travel, as he was assigned as my research guide in 2001. I have taken several trips with him, the last in February ’04, again arranged through the land operator.

Professional, articulate and very knowledgeable on his country and culture, George has been my guide in Douala, Yaoundé, Buea, Bafoussam, Banjoun and Bamenda, providing visits to old chiefdoms, local markets and homes. He not only took our groups to interesting handicraft markets but arranged trips farther afield so we could see crafts being made. He gave recommendations for hygienic local restaurants, as well.

George is now a free-lance guide. In that part of the world, a knowledgeable and seasoned guide should be paid a minimum of $50 a day plus expenses. Tipping is extra. In my experience, George is worth much more than that.

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