Overnights on Norway trails

We have traveled Norway from top (Kirkenes) to bottom and from east to west but not since 1983. However, some things don’t change. All over mountainous central Norway are hiking trails with magnificent views of lakes and glaciers, and the timberline is low at 1,000 feet.

There is no need to carry a tent and sleeping bag or much food because of the ubiquitous accommodations, from self-service “huts” to fancy hotels.

Joining, in Oslo or Bergen, Den Norske Turistforening, or DNT (P.O. Box 7, Sentrum, 0101 Oslo, Norway; phone +47 22822800, fax +47 22822801 or visit www.turistforeningen.no) — which is like a Norwegian Appalachian Mountain Club — pays for itself after two nights. You need their key to get into the self-service huts.

(The DNT member adult price in self-service cabins is 165 kroner [near $27] and nonmember, 265 kroner. The member adult price in staffed lodges runs 75 to 205 kroner [$12-$33] and nonmember, 140-270 kroner.)


Brunswick, ME