Amarula in Johannesburg

A reader talked about buying a bottle of Amarula liqueur at an African duty-free shop and putting it in her carry-on bag for the return home (June ’07, pg. 50).

We returned from Africa May 22, 2007, and at the Johannesburg duty-free shop where we tried (the operative word) to purchase Amarula to take to the U.S., we were told that the airlines would not allow such a bottle of liquid on board. No more than three ounces of a fluid substance is the rule and has been for a while. Some shops will carry your packages to the plane for you, but Johannesburg duty-free will not.

After making an inquiry, I was contacted by an Amarula representative, who informed me that any place that carries Jack Daniel’s can order Amarula. Amazing!

By the way, I would like to warn ITN readers that the Zambia transit fee to cross from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to the Livingstone Airport in Zambia was $100 per person. It was the most expensive 10-minute ride we have ever had.

San Diego, CA