Carry-on essentials

Dr. Wagenaar wrote about traveling with carry-on luggage only.

Clearly he does not include a number of items I never travel without:

A pillow. I can’t sleep on those bouncy ones provided by hotels/ motels, which seem to be filled with chunks of foam rubber.

Aside from the usual toothbrush and paste, he probably does not have a kit containing makeup, curlers, brush, comb, nail equipment (including scissors), tush wipes and face crème plus a bath plug, sunscreen and more items. I have a second important kit filled with my many medications, eye drops, etc., plus batteries for my hearing aids.

So my carry-on bag is half full before I add a raincoat and umbrella. There is scant room for camera or clothing (good for maybe two nights only).

Can’t we get the planes to allow a larger size?


Arroyo Grande, CA