Safeguard your wallet

Dr. Wagenaar’s article on carry-on luggage (May ’07, pg. 87) was extremely informative and useful. I would only add the following helpful household hints.

I like shirts with two secured pockets, preferably with Velcro, with an additional deep pocket underneath the usual one. This allows me to keep my printed-out boarding pass/ticket and passport in a secured area without the nuisance of fishing around in a money belt.

If you have trousers with an additional inside zippered pocket, you don’t need to use a money belt. If you still feel the need, get the pouch that hangs from your neck, then you only have to open a couple of shirt buttons to get at it.

Several companies carry shirts/ trousers with multiple closable pockets: L.L. Bean (800/4415713,, Orvis (888/235-9763,, TravelSmart (800/950-1600, and others.

NEVER carry anything in a rear pocket of your trousers. It’s incredible to still see tourists strolling about with bulging wallets practically falling out of their (unsecured) jeans back pockets.

Strip your wallet of everything except a credit card or two, driver’s license, medical plan I.D. card and a few cards with your name, address, etc. Put them in a card case and carry them in a shirt pocket.

If you can’t wash it, don’t take it. And toss in a couple of plastic hangers for wet drip-dry shirts, etc.

I like to buy my railpasses through Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door (425/771-8303, because you get a few freebies and a discount on stuff from his travel catalog.


Waltham, MA