Australia coupon books

In response to the reader’s letter about using the Entertainment® Book for discounts in Australia (July ’07, pg. 14), I must caution travelers on my experience with Entertainment Publications.

In early spring 2006 I ordered coupon books for the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for a total of about $80. This price included a discount, since I had already bought the Sacramento coupon book.

My trip was planned for August ’06. Upon receipt of the books in late May, I took a good look at what discounts were contained within. On closer scrutiny, I found that all of the coupons expired June 1, 2006.

I called Entertainment Publications because there was no way I could use the books. They could not tell me when the new international books would be available. The customer service person agreed that their U.S. books expired in early November but that there was a June 1st expiration date for the Australian books.

I asked for a refund and inquired how to return the books. I immediately mailed back the unused books and had to follow up with another call to see when I would be repaid. It took some time to explain the situation, and I asked if they would reimburse me for return postage since it was not my mistake.

I was reimbursed in two mailings, one covering the cost of the books and one the cost of the postage. I think the separate postage refund was the result of their not having a way to refund over and above the amount I paid for the books.

My impression was that this was not an ordinary situation for them. They did handle it carefully and respectfully but not very quickly. The refund did not arrive until I was in Australia.

My suggestion for people ordering by phone or online is to ask about each book’s expiration date.


Sacramento, CA

ITN sent a copy of the above letter to Entertainment Publications Operating Company and received the following reply.

We deeply regret any inconvenience our valuable customer may have experienced in this matter. After researching the situation, we have concluded that it was a simple misunderstanding that has since been resolved.

Historically, Entertainment Publications, Inc., has offered its customers an opportunity to purchase one of the Australian editions of the Entertainment® Book. This product is managed by an entirely separate company based in Australia and is sold by them through school and community group fundraisers in Australia. Because the timing of the Australian fund-raising season is different than it is in North America, the expiration periods are also different.

Since being notified of the issue in question last summer, we have fully reimbursed the customer.

Understanding the confusion the different expiration periods can cause, our company no longer sells the Australian editions. However, we strongly encourage those interested in purchasing one to contact the company directly at www.

Entertainment Publications truly appreciates its customers and is pleased to provide them with thousands of dollars in savings with the Entertainment® Book when they explore adventures in their backyard, domestically or abroad.”

SHANNON TRUESDALE, Corporate Communications, Entertainment Publications, Inc., 1414 E. Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48083

ITN contacted and learned that all coupon books sold for Australian and New Zealand cities have an expiration date of June 1 (books currently for sale expire June 1, 2008).

U.S. customers can purchase Australian or New Zealand Entertainment® Books only if they have previously purchased a U.S. book from the address given above (Troy MI; 888/231-7283,, which gives them a “Member number” to be submitted when they make their order for any foreign editions of the book. 2008 U.S. editions of the Entertainment® Book range from $25 to $45 plus $9.99 shipping.

When the Member number has been obtained, they may write to Extra Edition Purchases, Entertainment Publications of Australia (Ground Floor, 53-33 Herbert St., Artarmon NSW 2065, Australia; phone +61 2 9906 3066, fax 2 9906 3970 or e-mail extraeditions@

Although Australian/New Zealand Entertainment® Books may not be purchased on the website (they are sold in those countries exclusively as fund-raisers), descriptions of the books and their prices can be found on the site. The typical cost for a coupon book is AU$60 (US$49) plus postage of AU$20-$40 (US$16-$33) each.