Israel desert sights

Timna Park, in Israel, is huge; it reminded us of Big Bend National Park in Texas. It is the site of 6,000-year-old Egyptian copper mines. You can see the slag from the copper mines and the remains of the smelting ovens. It is also the site of nomads’ encampments and tabernacles that were erected by nomads in the desert.

The scenery is just breathtaking. There is a multimedia visitor center that explains everything you will see. (Park entry, ILS31 [$8] adult, ILS25, child. Write DN Hevel Eilot 880-820 Israel; phone 011-972-8-631-6756, fax 633-9403 or visit

We also went to the bird sanctuary just outside of Eilat and saw many beautiful birds, including flamingos and cranes. It attracts many of the birds migrating from Africa to Europe and Asia.

In Eilat, we can recommend the restaurant Denise Kingdom (phone 972 08 637 9898), a block inland on North Beach and across from the entrance to the Sheraton Herod complex. It was excellent and reasonable, with main courses $15-$19.

Yakimono, on the top story of the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba (phone 972 08 630 6666), was wonderful but pricey. We went there on our last night and enjoyed the food and the view.


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