Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

My husband, Peter, and I joined 12 other snorkelers on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for two weeks, Nov. 7-25, 2006, on a tour led by Ann Fielding of Island Explorations (Box 1107, Makawao, HI 96768; 808/572-8437,

Ann, a marine biologist, organized the special trip for snorkelers because we all had been bugging her to do an “all snorkel” trip.

We all flew on our own into Gladstone, the jump-off point for Heron Island, and flew out of Cairns, the end point of the live-aboard portion. Our trip to Heron Island as well as all meals, accommodations on the live-aboard boat, the Undersea Explorer, and hotels in between cost $3,700, not including international airfare.

Ann is from Maui and leads several snorkel and dive tours a year, going to places such as Palau, the Solomon Islands and Indonesia. She treats the snorkelers just as well as she does the divers.


Santa Barbara, CA