Need a multi-entry visa?

I was on a trip to the North Pole, July 5-28, 2007, with Quark Expeditions (Darien, CT; 800/356-5699, www.quark The group met in Helsinki and flew to Murmansk, at which time a couple from South America was refused entry into Russia. They had made a short, pre-North Pole trip to St. Petersburg each with a single-entry visa.

Once the rest of us were settled on the ship, a number of us looked at our visas and obviously were unable to determine if they stipulated single entry or multiple entries. Upon return to the U.S., my travel agent assured me there was a place on the application form to indicate the type of entry one wished.

Keep in mind that a sudden change of plans — when one is in Europe, for example — can have serious consequences.


San Diego, CA