Disabled parking in Europe

This item appears on page 63 of the May 2008 issue.

A reader mentioned taking a disability pass to Europe in order to park in spaces for the handicapped (Dec. ’07, pg. 103). At the website www.globalaccessnews.com and after clicking on “Travel Archives,” under “Trips, Tips and Resources” I found the following item:

“Great news! European countries now honor disabled parking placards from the U.S. and Canada. The placards must display the international symbol for disability and state the name of the document holder. Prominently display your documents inside your car’s windshield.”

On the disability pass for my state, Washington, there is no room for a name. I don’t think any other state’s pass has room for a name either.

Somebody wrote in a blog that he got a ticket in Prague because the policeman did not see the disability pass, which he had brought with him from the U.S. and which was lying on the dashboard. It is important to hang the pass from the rear-view mirror. This person also suggested taking a picture of an international disabled symbol and having it enlarged, laminated and put on the car.

Unfortunately, since the disability pass is very valuable, it has been an attractive target for burglaries in European countries.


Contributing Editor