Germany Trabi tours

This item appears on page 104 of the May 2008 issue.

Several of the most-used cars of old East Germany, the smoky, 2-stroke Trabi, are used on guided tours of Berlin and Dresden in convoys for up to eight people.

In Berlin, the Classic Route covers historical sites and modern city life, and the Wild East Route focuses on relics of the planned economy and socialism. Dresden’s route takes visitors to parks, villas and the castles on the Elbe River.

A one-hour tour costs €30 (near $45) per person for four passengers per car, €35 each for three passengers and €40 each for two. Contact Trabi Safari (Maxstraße 5, 01067 Dresden, Germany; phone [Berlin] 030 2 75 922 73 or [Dresden] 0351 8 99 00 110,