Notes on Cappadocia

This item appears on page 61 of the May 2008 issue.

I enjoyed a month’s tour of Turkey in May ’07. Eastern Turkey is very scenic. There were two occasions that were disappointing, however.

The pools at Pamukkale were not what they used to be. The area is not as attractive as it used to be because not enough water is allowed over the hillside. Also, bathing is prohibited in the pools. You can only walk through without shoes or view it from a walkway at the top of the hill.

We were able to take the balloon ride at Cappadocia, which happens only when the weather is just right. However, we learned that where the balloon travels to is also very wind dependent.

I had visions of soaring over the tuff formations, but we floated only above an open field with the fairy chimneys and all in the distance —

probably not worth the $200 per person unless just going up in a balloon is enough.


Roseville, CA