Sudan dangers

This item appears on page 17 of the December 2008 issue.

The Department of State continues to warn US citizens against all travel to Sudan, particularly in the Darfur area, where violence between government forces and various armed militias continues. Westerners have been victims of carjacking and armed robbery. Land travel at night should be avoided.

On Jan. 1, 2008, two American Embassy employees were assassinated while traveling in their vehicle in Khartoum. In May 2008, the city of Omdurman, adjacent to Khartoum, was attacked by armed militias. 

The US government has received indications of terrorist threats aimed at Western interests in Sudan. Anti-Western demonstrations periodically occur, mostly in the capital city of Khartoum. 

Civil aviation in Sudan continues to experience air incidents and accidents, including five crashes with at least 64 fatalities between Nov. 8, 2007, and Sept. 21, 2008. Incidents included engine failures, collapsed landing gear and planes veering off the runway. In August 2008, a domestic plane originating in Nyala, Darfur, was hijacked and forced to land in Libya.