Counterduvet movement

This item appears on page 58 of the August 2009 issue.

I have thought for years we were the only people who hated duvets, then we read the letter from Robert Edwards titled “Comforters Out of Place” (June ’09, pg. 53).

The more we pay to stay someplace, the better the chance of getting a duvet on our bed. If they cannot exchange it for a blanket, we remove the inside and use the duvet cover as our bed covering. Most of the time it is enough for the warmth we need. However, sometimes I have to add a towel in the middle of the night.

With the duvet, no matter how lovely it is, I am much too warm to sleep. So, Mr. Edwards, add us to your We Hate Duvets Club. We agree with you totally.

(We have noticed that Comfort Inns in the US are now using duvets. We are being overrun!)


North Rose, NY