Auto rental ripoff

This item appears on page 58 of the January 2011 issue.

I read the readers’ auto rental tips (Sept. ’10, pg. 40). On a trip to Zürich during the ’90s I filled the tank of my rental car right before turning it in so as to avoid the higher charge per liter or being charged for more liters than were actually needed to fill the tank.

I dropped off the car, making sure the full tank was noted, and the agent acknowledged it with an “Okay.”

When I got my credit card bill, however, I had been charged nearly $50 for gas for the Ford Fiesta — obviously a ripoff.

I later was told that I should have gotten it in writing that I had returned the car with a full tank. Either that or I shouldn’t have paid the rental bill with a credit card.

I have rarely rented cars since.


Sacramento, CA