Travel info sources

This item appears on page 60 of the January 2011 issue.

When looking for a hotel, I never book one without reading all the reviews on, which provides large numbers of specific opinions on destinations. It takes some processing to sort out the bozos from the normal travelers, but I’ve not been disappointed in a hotel I’ve chosen from this site in the last 10 years.

For example, I avoid hotels where I can’t open the windows, a fact rarely posted on a hotel’s website (Hilton is good about it, though). A hotel can have fairly serious drawbacks, but, oddly, if you know about them ahead of time, somehow they’re much easier to deal with.

Between ITN and Trip Advisor, I really know which things I want to spend our time and money on. My husband loves to have everything planned in advance, so I feel lucky so much information is available for today’s traveler.


San Jose, CA