Fly-fishing in Scotland

This item appears on page 54 of the April 2011 issue.

I arranged for two days of trout fishing in Scotland with Franz Grimley of Scottish Fishing Guides (phone 011 [44] 1324 626 433) in September ’10. He’s a gold medalist in a number of European fishing competitions. Scotland being one of the birthplaces of fly-fishing, I was especially interested in the River Tweed.

James Ure ’s salmon lives.

We fished the first day on a private lake, where I caught three lovely rainbow trout. Franz was a friend of the owner, so no permits were required.

The next day, Franz picked me up at my hotel and we drove about an hour to the lovely little town of St. Boswells and the Borders Gun Room, where I purchased my one-day permit (£11) to fish for trout on the Tweed. Borders was filled with plaid and corduroy clothes, fishing equipment and fine shotguns.

Franz took me to the section of the river assigned on our permit, and I was delighted to catch several brown trout.

Then my reel went zzzzzzz, my rod doubled over and I proceeded to land a lovely Atlantic salmon more than 30 inches long and weighing about 16 pounds. Since my permit allowed only for trout, we gently released the old girl. It was a truly thrilling experience.

Franz’s guide services cost about £160 ($258) for a day of fishing (with a tip always appreciated). This included a rod, reel, waders and all fishing gear necessary, including a selection of flies.

I stayed in Uphall at the McDonald Houstoun House for £150 ($242) a night, including 17.5% tax.

Salt Lake City, UT