Italy at 150

This item appears on page 75 of the May 2011 issue.

The city of Turin, which in 1861 became the first capital of unified Italy, in 2011 is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Risorgimento (unification).

Events include art exhibits (such as “La Bella Italia,” 300 artworks from preunification capitals), the “Fare gli Italiani” historical exhibition, a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, parades, sporting events, a series of Royal Dinners and a showcase of current artisans.

Most events run through November. For info and tickets (individual events start at €11.20; a Royal Dinner is €60), visit or contact Esperienza Italia 150° (Corso Vinzaglio 17,10121 Torino, Italia; phone +39 011 5539600, fax +39 011 19508012).