Sri Lanka requires ETA

This item appears on page 68 of the December 2011 issue.

As of Jan. 1, 2012, travelers to Sri Lanka will have to apply and pay for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in advance of arrival. (Citizens of Singapore and the Maldives are exempt.)

The ETA-processing fees are $25 for a seven-day, single-entry transit; $50 for a 30- or 90-day single- or double-entry “tourist purpose,” or $60 for a 30- or 90-day, multiple-entry business purpose. Fees are nonrefundable.

The citizens of 79 countries (including the US, UK and Canada) will NOT also need a visa, while others will need a visa (fees vary). For the list of countries, visit

Upon arrival, each traveler will need to present his passport and a copy of the ETA letter (plus a visa, if required). There will be limited facilities to apply for an ETA at port of entry, and the fee would be $75 (credit card or cash).

Visit and click on “How to Submit an ETA” or apply via a Sri Lankan consulate or embassy; for locations, visit and click on “Missions.”