Fab flushers

This item appears on page 57 of the January 2012 issue.

Rick Steves’ piece on toilets (July ’11, pg. 59) brought to mind the new toilets my husband and I have run across in Asia on trips in 2005, 2009 and 2011.

The new Asian toilet is not a “squat” type but the Washlet, made by Toto®. It’s the “everything toilet.” It comes in various models, but they all have control panels. Some panels are attached to the toilet seat; others are wall mounted.

The most basic model allows the users to choose the temperature of the seat plus various options for the bidet.

Depending on the model, the following additional features can be included: autoflush; automatic open/close lid; massage feature; warm-air drying with variable three-temperature settings, and automatic air purifier.

Don’t think for one minute that these toilets are novelties; they are found in hotels, restaurants, Narita Airport and so on.

The only time I’ve seen an “everything toilet” in Europe was at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Prague in 2009.

Contributing Editor, ITN