The wool over your eyes

This item appears on page 55 of the April 2012 issue.

Tell ITN about the funniest thing that ever happened to you while traveling in a foreign country. (ITN prints no info on destinations in the United States.) There are no restrictions on length. The ITN staff will choose each month’s winner, who will receive a free one-year subscription to ITN. Entries not chosen cannot be acknowledged.

This month’s winner is SUSAN GOLDEN of Lewisville, NC:

My husband and I traveled the length and breadth of Holland armed with railpasses and a Museum Card in October 2011. A Dutch acquaintance in our city recommended we visit one of the West Frisian Islands. Reaching the one that she is from would have been a daunting trip, but we found we could get to Texel on a day trip via rail, a bus and a short ferry ride.

The island of Texel was beautiful, full of the special Texel sheep and some cows, and as we journeyed around by public bus we discussed which town to visit. A local lady suggested Oosterend, and it was delightful. We enjoyed the pub, which doubled as a (small) cinema club and cultural center, and a pannekoek (pancake) restaurant.

We stopped at the local church because the organ was playing. In the back, a woman was hanging hand-knitted apparel made by the local ladies to support the church. The items were very soft and well made and I quickly chose a scarf and hat. Then, not wanting to buy anything acrylic, I asked the volunteer if they were made of wool.

She gave me a look, pointed out the window, and we both started laughing. There were sheep grazing peacefully all around.