Nagasaki guide

By Arthur Gladstone
This item appears on page 26 of the May 2013 issue.

My wife and I were on a cruise that stopped in Nagasaki, Japan, in May ’11. We were fortunate to be approached by a retired municipal worker turned guide, Katsuhiro Tsuchida, or Hiro (phone +81 80 1739 7097, email or visit, who offered to take us around for the day. 

The price was very inexpensive. Another woman joined us, and the three of us paid $20 per person, including tip, for six hours of touring. Hiro had a new vehicle, and we went on a city tour, to a remote temple and, at the woman’s request, to an antiques shopping area. 

Hiro’s English was good, and he was a kind and caring guide, especially at the memorials.


Lauderhill, FL