“Danube River Biking”

This item appears on page 52 of the August 2015 issue.

 6-day, 5-night “easy” bike tour (averaging 31 miles a day on level terrain). Departures June 21, Aug. 2 and Sept. 6 & 13, 2016. Highlights: From Vienna, AUSTRIA, to Potzneusiedl for former residence of Batthyány nobility/ride along Leitha River/Esterházy Palace/in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA, Danubiana Meuleensteen Museum for Contemporary Art/private cruise on Danube to Budapest, HUNGARY. Land, from $5,295 per person, double occupancy (ppdo). Single supp., $600. Butterfield & Robinson (70 Bond St., 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON, M5B 1X3, Canada; in No. Am., 866/551-9090, www.butterfield.com).