Oceania Cruises met special diet

By Chuck Bingley
This item appears on page 25 of the August 2015 issue.

My wife and I cruised from Shanghai, China, to Papeete, Tahiti, on the Insignia of Oceania Cruises (Miami, FL; 800/531-5619, www.oceania cruises.com), April 11-June 4, 2015. 

About a month before our departure, I was placed on a relatively unknown restrictive diet. I immediately called Oceania Cruises and advised the company of my situation. I was told that, while they had never heard of a low-FODMAP diet, they would have the chef contact me upon boarding.

After we boarded the ship and checked into our cabin, I received a phone call from the restaurant manager, who set up an appointment with us for that afternoon. To our surprise, for about 30 minutes my wife and I met with not only the restaurant manager but the food-and-beverage manager, the executive chef, the headwaiter and the ship’s physician.

Apparently, while my “team” had previously been unfamiliar with the diet and its limitations, they had researched it and brought not only hard copies of the restrictions but a rather extensive knowledge of the same.

We were told that I would receive a menu 24 hours in advance each day so I could make my dinner selection. The chef would then modify his standard menu to accommodate my needs, which included making special sauces as well as omitting some items from the standard preparation.

In the grand dining room, they accommodated me by seating us with a waiter who understood my special needs. This menu accommodation also carried through to the two specialty restaurants.

We certainly give high praises to Oceania Cruises and the staff of the Insignia. We highly recommend that anyone with special dietary needs consider traveling with this line.


Richmond, VA