Taliban in Afghanistan

This item appears on page 16 of the September 2015 issue.

In northern Afghanistan’s Sar-e-pul province, Taliban fighters captured the Kohistanat district headquarters on July 28 after a night of fighting with local police. There were no reports of casualties on either side. In the Marawara district in the eastern province of Kunar, also on July 28, there were reports of heavy fighting between Afghani and Taliban forces, including mortar fire.

On July 26, a Taliban group occupied a police station in Badakhshan province, capturing more than 100 police officers, who were later released. 

The Taliban reportedly also captured towns in Helmand and Kuduz provinces in July.

The US Department of State continues to warn against travel to Afghanistan. Extremists associated with the Taliban and other armed opposition groups are active in every province of the country.