“Neolithic Pyramids & Nuraghi Giants”

This item appears on page 49 of the February 2016 issue.

12 days, 11 nights in Sardinia, ITALY, May 7-18 & Sept. 17-28, 2016. Led by archaeologist and anthropologist Farès K. Moussa. Highlights: Fly London-Olbia/Bronze Age sites of Li Lolghi and Coddu Vecchiu/prehistoric pyramid of Monte d’Accoddi/near Sassari, Romanesque Basilica of Holy Trinity of Saccargia/on Mt. Tiscali, Nuraghi cave-village/Phoenician-Punic site of Sulcis. From London, £3,365 (near $5,013) ppdo. Land only (from Olbia), £3,145 ($4,685). Ammoun Voyages (Creative Exchange, 29 Constitution St., Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 7BS, U.K.; phone +44 0330 223 2213, www.ammounvoyages.co.uk).