Kyoto etiquette guide

This item appears on page 62 of the April 2016 issue.

The city of Kyoto, Japan, released an online “Akimahen (Do Not) of Kyoto” visual etiquette guide for visitors, warning that “Kyoto-ites are pretty fastidious!” Behaviors listed are each given an “Akimahen rate,” expressed in frowning faces. Tipping is ranked at one slightly frowning face (instead of tipping, one should say “O¯kini”), while smoking in an undesignated area ranks three angry frowning faces. 

Among other behaviors that the guide encourages are removing sunglasses and hats while visiting shrines and temples and not canceling restaurant reservations at the last minute. The guide also explains that, in Kyoto, taxi doors close on their own. The guide is available for download at