Praise for City Maps 2 Go

By David Collins
This item appears on page 16 of the April 2016 issue.

After reading about an Apple app called OffMaps² in a subscriber’s article (“A Self-Drive Tour of Croatia Plus A Cruise Along the Dalmatian Coast,” Aug. ’15, pg. 30), I immediately downloaded the app to my iPad, since my wife and I were planning a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu.
I must say that I was underwhelmed by the map of that area of Peru. I was so disappointed that I went searching for other apps in the Apple app store. I found one called “City Maps 2 Go,” by Ulmon (Vienna, Austria;, and installed the free version on my iPad. It was very simple to use.
I expanded the area map so I could see details of the city of Cusco. All sorts of hotels, restaurants and things to see and do popped up. However, our hotel was not on any of the hotel icons, so I entered the name in the search bar. Instantly, the hotel and its location appeared. I downloaded the app onto my iPhone as well.
Before departing for our Peru trip, Sept. 14-20, 2015, I “star” marked our hotels and train and bus stations plus restaurants on the map of the Cusco-Machu Picchu area. When you touch a star over a hotel, the hotel’s name and address show up on the screen. This is useful when using a taxi and the driver does not speak English.
Our tour made twists and turns, so I added “stars” to locations as we traveled — reminders of places visited. I could use the map interactively without requiring an Internet connection.
The app also allows me to add my personal pictures to the starred locations, so I can preserve memories of a fantastic trip.
I love the “CityMaps2Go” app! It turned out to be an amazing tool.

Newbury Park, CA