Aegean earthquakes

This item appears on page 64 of the September 2017 issue.

An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of the island of Lesbos, Greece, on June 12, injuring at least 10 people and damaging buildings across the island. The earthquake was felt as far away as Istanbul, Turkey.

On July 21, a 6.7-magnitude quake struck off the coast of the island of Kos, Greece, killing two people and injuring at least 115 more. That quake, too, was felt in Turkey and injured at least 358 people, though none seriously, in the city of Bodrum. Many buildings on Kos collapsed or were damaged, including the island’s port, making evacuation by ferry difficult. More than 40 aftershocks, measuring up to 4.6, were felt.