Algeria travel caution

This item appears on page 19 of the August 2017 issue.

The US Department of State warns against travel to remote areas of Algeria due to the threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. Extremists have conducted attacks in the mountainous region south and east of Algiers, farther east outside the city of Constantine and in the southern and eastern border regions.

In order to avoid extremist violence, the State Department recommends taking the following precautions: avoid travel within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of the eastern border and within 450 kilometers (280 miles) of the southern border; avoid overland travel across the Sahara (travel to Saharan cities only by air); remain on principal highways when traveling to coastal/mountainous areas east of Algiers and to the mountains immediately south of Algiers; always travel with reputable agents who know the area; avoid staying overnight outside of the main cities and tourist locations, and, when staying in locations outside of major cities, inform local police.