Circular logic

This item appears on page 53 of the October 2017 issue.

This month’s winner is MICHAEL BRANDT of El Dorado Hills, California:

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Bahamian waters, and there was a hypnotic spell about being on the open sea. I decided to walk on the cruise ship’s track, located on Deck 11. The track was one-tenth of a mile around, so 10 loops made a mile. It was a nicely laid-out track, freshly painted blue and located on the upper deck, overlooking the pool. 

I tracked my mileage using my iPhone’s GPS. In a short time, I found that, even at the age of 75, I had walked faster than a running cheetah in search of a tasty Thompson’s gazelle. In 20 minutes, my GPS had captured 6 miles. A world record, I must say! And then it dawned on me that I was recording the ship’s movement in addition to my walking. 

Welcome to the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, or was I bending time?

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