A good bird-watching site

This item appears on page 17 of the August 2017 issue.

Let’s get away from the squawking Internet for a while and seek out some places where the tweeting is old-style.  

Tell us about places you’ve visited (outside of the US) where you’ve had rewarding sightings of birds — big ones, small ones, colorful or unusual. Tell us, as precisely as possible, where you were (including any helpful contact info, if applicable) and what year you were there (or about how long ago). More importantly, we’ll need to know what time of year it was — what part of what month or the month and date.

What type or types of birds did you see? Share your observations on the sighting and experience plus details of any encounters with locals, etc. How difficult was it to reach the area? What time of day was it? What preparations should be made by others planning to go there? What equipment is necessary or just recommended? What was the weather like?

If you have photos you took of sights in the area or pictures of birds, please send them in; include captions.

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