On selfie sticks

By Norman Dailey
This item appears on page 52 of the October 2017 issue.

I own a selfie stick and will never travel without it, and I have never taken a selfie.

The selfie stick securely holds my iPhone 6 Plus, it has a wrist strap so I never drop the stick or phone, and it has one button on the handle that allows me to take photos with one hand.

I no longer take photos with my fingers over the lens, and when leaning over a ledge or around a corner, I feel much more secure that I won’t be jostled and drop the phone.

There are many different sticks, but I own an Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($16 on Amazon.com). It has an internal battery, and the only thing I have to worry about is charging it every other day.


Alexandria, VA