On bin hogs

By Philip A. Shart
This item appears on page 47 of the April 2018 issue.

I read, in the Travel Brief “Delta Bag-check Fee” (Feb. ’18, pg. 4), that on flights to/from Europe and North Africa, Delta Air Lines and partners will soon start charging each Basic Economy passenger a $60 fee for the first checked bag.

I’ve noticed that, as it is, no one checks the hand baggage at the airline gates. I’ve watched a couple board a plane with two 24-inch suitcases or boxes and take up one-and-a-half overhead luggage areas. I’ve watched people come on with duffle bags or try to stuff 26- to 28-inch canvas suitcases into the overhead.

Can you picture the chaos now as people try to get all sizes of luggage onto planes to avoid the new surcharge?

I hope the airline agents will stop people at check-in or at the gate to make sure they’re not trying to pass off the steamer trunk as hand baggage.


Tamarac, FL