Bobsled in Switzerland

This item appears on page 60 of the September 2018 issue.

Each November, the bobsled track in St. Moritz is built from scratch, and, until early March, guests can ride the course with two professionals.

The rider takes his place between the pilot at the front of the bobsled and the brakeman at the back. The course, the same route used in the very first Olympic bobsled event held in St. Moritz in 1928, is 1,722 meters long and takes about 75 seconds to finish. Riders travel up to 135 kilometers per hour (84 mph).

A ride must be booked in advance at a cost of CHF250 (near $251). In the off-season, a voucher can be purchased online to redeem when reserving a run. Contact St. Moritz Olympia Bob Run (Piazza Gunter Sachs, Postlach 81, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland; phone +41 81 830 02 00,