Discovering the world on $100 a day

By Pat Ove
This item appears on page 57 of the April 2018 issue.

Revisiting the request of Pat Ove of Aurora, Colorado, here’s what she wrote: “There must be many budget travelers reading ITN who are having exciting adventures discovering the world on $100 a day. I would love to read about their journeys. (For purposes of this information request, and considering inflation, perhaps the total of $100 per day should not include overseas airfare.)”

If you have information about visiting anyplace outside of the US for $100 per day or less (not including international air), tell us how you did it — your modes of travel, the sorts of accommodations you used and how you found them and what you did for meals. Add when your trip took place plus any other budget-travel tricks of the trade you can share.

Subscribers, write to The World on $100 a Day, c/o ITN. (Photos are welcome.) Include your mailing address. Select responses will be printed in ITN.