Gaza border violence

This item appears on page 18 of the September 2018 issue.

Demanding that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their former homes in Israel, more than 100 Palestinians were killed at the border between Gaza and Israel in protests that began on March 30 and ended in June.

Since then, smaller incidents have occurred, primarily the flying of kites and balloons — armed with incendiary devices — over the border from Gaza, causing small fires and threatening Israeli farms. Israel implemented a fuel blockade in order to deny Hamas materials to create firebombs.

On July 16, in response to the firing of rockets into Israel, Israel struck sites in Gaza with bombs and artillery in the largest single attack on the region since the end of the 2014 Gaza War. Three Israeli civilians were injured, and two Palestinians were killed and another 12 were wounded in the attacks.

On July 20 at the border, Israeli troops were fired upon, with one casualty, and responded with air strikes and artillery, killing four Palestinians. Three of the deaths were reported to be Hamas officials and the fourth, a civilian. At least 120 Gazans were reported injured.

On July 27, one Israeli was killed and three were injured in a knife attack by a Palestinian at a West Bank settlement. The Palestinian was killed by a civilian during the attack.