Sea-Bands fight motion sickness

By Malcolm Gaissert
This item appears on page 17 of the June 2018 issue.

I am subject to severe motion sickness during ship and air travel. After searching for years for a substitute for Dramamine, I found Sea-Bands in a drugstore in the US. When I wear them properly and follow directions on the carton, they work very well.

As an example of how effective I’ve found Sea-Bands to be, in the fall of 2008 I was on a flight landing in the Denver airport at the tail end of a storm. The hundred-passenger plane was being thrown up and down and sideways. While wearing my Sea-Band, I was able to read my book without any stress. 

The only connection I have with Sea-Band (Newport, RI; is through my purchase.


Arnold, CA

According to Sea-Band’s website, the wristbands work through acupressure. Sea-Bands (for adults and for children) can be ordered directly from the company’s website at $9.99 for one pair. lists the item at $6.29 per pair. — Editor