Time to brush up

By Mary Jenkins
This item appears on page 43 of the September 2018 issue.

This month's winner is MARY JENKINS of Santa Rosa, California:

After I graduated from college in California, I decided to spend some time traveling around Europe. I traveled for a few months and then worked a few months. For a short time, I worked as a maid at a Sheraton in Munich.

One time when I was chatting with one of the guests from the USA, she said,"My goodness! You speak English ALMOST as well as an American."

Tell us about the funniest thing that happened to you while traveling in a foreign country. (ITN prints no info on destinations in the United States.) There are no restrictions on length. ITN staff will choose each month's winner, who will receive a free one-year subscription to ITN. Include your full mailing address. Entries not chosen cannot be acknowledged.