ToursByLocals and Withlocals

By Laurie Friedman
This item appears on page 39 of the October 2019 issue.

To find guides and drivers local to destinations outside the US, I have usually used While I have had some luck with this website, it can sometimes be overly expensive, so be careful.

With ToursByLocals, it’s possible to contact individual guides and get custom quotes until you find someone willing to take you where you want to go for a reasonable price.

This spring, while planning a trip to Prague, I Googled “Prague local tours,” and a website called popped up. Using that site, I compared about 10 possible guides in terms of price, the sights they suggested (I had some in mind but also wanted their suggestions) and general vibe.

I ended up arranging a 2-day tour outside the city with a photographer for a good price. (I’m a photographer, so I felt we would have more in common.)

Although I probably could have gone on my own via train, it was nice to go in a car and have the advice of a local.


Davis, CA