‘Very satisfied’ with dental care in Cuba

By Carrie Gillespie
This item appears on page 16 of the May 2019 issue.

While flossing my teeth in Cienfuegos, Cuba, I accidentally pulled off a dental crown. I called my dentist, who recommended finding a dentist in Cuba to re-cement the crown ASAP. He said if I waited until I returned to the US, my teeth might shift and I could require an expensive new crown.

As soon as our tour group returned to Havana (Jan. 17, 2019), my tour leader directed me to the 24-hour medical/dental clinic Clinica Central Cira García (Calle 20, #4101, Esq a Ave 41, Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba; phone +53 7204 2811, www.cirag.cu/en).

The clinic was spotless, and within an hour — after showing my passport and United Airlines boarding pass, proving I had purchased health insurance for $25 — I had checked in, met the dentist (who explained to me in perfect English what she would do to re-cement the crown) and was invoiced for CUC50 (about $50.)

About 90 minutes after the clinic filed for insurance, they informed me that 50% of the procedure would be covered. I paid the remaining CUC25 and have continued to be very satisfied with my crown.

This particular clinic is part of Cuba’s National System of Public Health and can be used only by foreigners. Its profits are given to the health care system used by Cuban citizens.


Houston, TX