Emergency medical evacuation follow-up

By Wayne Wirtanen
This item appears on page 47 of the January 2020 issue.

In my March 2019 column, I made the following statement regarding a type of overseas emergency-medical-evacuation insurance policy offered by Divers Alert Network, or DAN (Durham, NC; 800/446-2671, www.diversalertnetwork.org), and their “membership” coverage: 

“I no longer recommend this type of coverage because, in case of a medical emergency, it will take you only to the nearest appropriate medical facility, and there is no provision for medical costs. If I had a medical emergency overseas, I’d definitely like to have medical coverage.” 

CORRECTION — What I should have said is, “… and there is no provision for medical costs other than those required for evacuation.”

As for the specific legalese, in the 2019 DAN Member Handbook, within the section “DAN Travel-Assist Benefits” and under the subhead “Medical Assistance,” it states, “Covered Expenses include any Transportation, medical treatment, medical service, or medical supply that (1) is necessarily incurred in connection with emergency evacuation or repatriation of the Member or Covered Family Member; (2) meets generally accepted standards of medical practice; and (3) either is ordered by a Physician and performed under his or her care or supervision or order, or is required by the standard regulations of the conveyance transporting the Member or Covered Family Member. All transportation arrangements made for evacuating or repatriating the Member or Covered Family Member must be by the most direct and economical conveyance, and arranged in advance by DAN TravelAssist. Covered expenses do not include amounts that are eligible for reimbursement under ‘Other Medical Expense Insurance’.” 

In other words, DAN will provide for medical expenses associated only with a medical evacuation but not for any other medical problems. 

This is a limited form of medical benefit. If coverage for additional medical expenses is desired, DAN has a full-feature travel insurance policy that provides for this coverage. 

This correction was confirmed in a telephone conference between Wayne McNair of DAN, ITN reader Ann Kruse of Sammamish, Washington, and myself. 

Happy trails! 

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