Just behind the ears

By Deb Kalikow
This item appears on page 23 of the December 2020 issue.

This month’s winner is DEB KALIKOW of Westford, Massachusetts:

I was on a tour of France when our group visited the Fragonard perfumery in Grasse. After being shown the entire interesting perfume-making process, from flowers to packaging, we ended up at the gift shop, of course.

I hadn’t used perfume in years, but, looking around and testing a few scents, I found one I liked. It smelled luscious, and I thought it would make a fine souvenir of France, so I bought a bottle.

Being newly remarried, I wasn’t yet sure of all my husband’s likes and dislikes, such as which perfume he might enjoy on me, and he hadn’t accompanied me on this trip. (He was still working; l was retired.)

After I finished in the shop, I went outside to wait for our tour bus to return and chatted with one of my tour mates. He and I had previously bonded over the fact that both he and my husband had been in the Marine Corps. As they say, once a Marine, always a Marine.

My friend noticed that I was caring a Fragonard bag and asked, “Did you buy something here?”

I replied, “Yes. I hope my husband likes it.”

He looked at me in wide-eyed shock and said, with great indignation, “He’s a Marine! He’ll NEVER wear perfume!”

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