Leipzig Bachfest

This item appears on page 4 of the March 2020 issue.

In 2020, the annual Bachfest in Leipzig, Germany, will be held June 11-21. During the festival, works from Johann Sebastian Bach’s children and grandchildren, many of whom grew up to become composers like their progenitor, will be performed, as this year’s theme is “We Are Family.” Citywide, more than 150 events are scheduled, with choirs, recitals, orchestras, etc.

Information and downloadable programs can be found at www.bach-leipzig.de/en/bachfest. Tickets can be purchased online or through ticket sellers in Europe. Ticket prices for various events run 2-105 (near $2-$117), with some events free.

The Bachfest 2021 program will be announced in October 2020.