Travel Resource Challenge

By Evenyl Roemmich
This item appears on page 26 of the July 2020 issue.

At my age, I’m proactive. I don’t wait until there is a problem but plan ahead.

I’ve been a subscriber to International Travel News for about 30 years, always reading the print edition. When I learned that the May 2020 issue was published online only because travel advertisers had temporarily suspended advertising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I worried if there wouldn’t be another print issue of ITN

These are uncertain times. When a nearby restaurant closed for good after 42 years, I thought, “What if my favorite travel magazine wasn’t around anymore?” At about the same time, a local newspaper asked for donations to keep printing, and that gave me an idea. 

I challenge all ITN readers to make an investment in future travel advice to insure we have the travel magazine that we depend on. It’s like we are investors and our dividend is the pleasure of travel with resources for travel advice and stories. 

If you have ever received a travel tip or an idea from ITN or found a travel source in it or followed another subscriber’s recommendation for a tour company, tour guide, accommodation or restaurant or even enjoyed an ITN article on a specific place where you had been, had wanted to go or ended up going as a result, this challenge is for you. 

While any amount would be a great gift for ITN, I’ll start the challenge off with my contribution. I appeal to all readers to join me to insure our future travel advice. I respectfully request that you consider my request.

Hopefully, ITN will agree to print this. Could I hear some traveling music, please? Readers, don’t let me down!

Vista, CA