This item appears on page 24 of the June 2021 issue.

15 days, 14 nights in GREECE. Departures Oct. 14, 2021 & April 28, 2022. Highlights: From Athens to Isthmus of Corinth/Ancient Nemea for 4th-century-BC Doric Temple of Zeus, site of Nemean Games/medieval Monemvasia for 12th-century Agia Sophia Church, wine tasting/Sparta/Caves of Diros/Temple of Zeus at Olympia/in Arcadia, Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai/Mycenaean citadel of Tiryns/Corinth/National Archaeological Museum in Athens. £4,435 (near $6,125) ppdo. Single supp., £735 ($1,015). Peter Sommer Travels (Monmouth, Wales, UK; in US, 855/443-3027, www.petersommer.com).