Fabulous glass in Miami

By Marsha Caplan
This item appears on page 27 of the November 2021 issue.

The next time you’re near Miami, Florida, be sure to visit the Myrna and Sheldon Palley Pavilion for Contemporary Glass and Studio Arts (www.lowe.miami.edu/collections/palley-pavillion/index.html) at the Lowe Art Museum (Coral Gables, FL; www.lowe.miami.edu), on the University of Miami’s campus.

The Palleys collected and commissioned art glass for many years and have one of the finest collections in the country. Many years ago, they built an extension to the Lowe Art Museum in order to house their continually growing collection. The exhibit contains exquisite pieces that you wouldn’t believe are really made of glass.

The museum reopened in August 2021* with a temporary exhibit [which ends June 5, 2022**] that includes several pieces of Myrna’s jewelry. Sadly, she died in June 2020.

Boulder, CO

*The Lowe Art Museum is currently open to the public with limited hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. To maintain social distancing, visits must be scheduled in advance. Admission is free.

** This article orignally stated that the exhbit would close on October 16, 2021 but has since been updated.