Film editors are underrated

By Emily Moore
This item appears on page 22 of the April 2021 issue.

This month’s winner is EMILY MOORE of Greenville, Illinois:

Several years ago while visiting Salzburg, Austria, my husband and I took the funicular up to Hohensalz burg Fortress and enjoyed videoing the many scenes up there. This was back in the day when video cameras were still quite large, and my husband was carrying his around his neck, letting it hang down, which made it easy to turn on accidentally, wasting a lot of footage.

Back in our hotel room that evening, we were anxious to see the video we had taken that day. We turned on the camcorder and, squinting in the viewfinder, saw scene after scene of beautiful buildings and the great view of Salzburg.

We also heard our conversation, including, at one point, my husband asking me if I had the right change for the WC, and then the video continued: hiking boot, cobblestone, hiking boot, cobblestone…, then wood floor, hiking boot, wood floor, hiking boot…. Oh, no! He’s going to the men’s WC!

Sure enough, the video changed to… tile floor, hiking boot, tile floor, hiking boot, and then it stopped. Turned off just in time!

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