This item appears on page 23 of the August 2021 issue.

15-day, 14-night geological photo tour in the Azores (PORTUGAL), May 1-15, 2022. Group limit, 5-7. Highlights: On São Miguel, Pico Barrosa, Caldeira Velha hot springs, Chá (Tea) Gorreana Plantation, Sete Cidades volcano massif/on Faial, Capelinhos volcano/fly to Flores for lakes, maar-type explosion craters/fly to Terceira for “moderate”-level hike to Monte do Brasil, ancient lava tube of Algar do Carvão. €2,890 (near $3,428) ppdo. Single supp., €645 ($765). Volcano Discovery (St. Wendel, Germany; phone +49 6851 9777009,,